Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment - We Fix It

Wheel Alignment  | Lawtell Tire & Car Care - Opelousas, LA

Over time the alignment of your suspension system can stray from perfect center and the longer you wait to get your wheel alignment serviced, the worse it gets. Things like hitting a pothole, driving over speed bumps, or simply just driving on less than perfect pavement can all affect your cars alignment. Luckily, Lawtell Tire & Car Care offers all the wheel alignment services your vehicle could possibly need.

Wheel Alignment and Inspection - We perform a comprehensive alignment check that includes tire air pressure and tire quality inspection.

Camber Adjustments - The angle of your wheels is specifically set by the manufacturer of your car. We use the latest industry equipment to readjust the camber and toe angles back to factory perfection.

Caster Adjustments - Casters are also supposed to be set in a specific position that can be compromised over time. Using professional grade alignment racks and sensors, we inspect the condition of your casters and will make adjustments accordingly.

Test Drive Service - After our expert team has thoroughly inspected and adjusted your wheel alignment, we put our work to the ultimate test: the test drive. We will let you drive the vehicle yourself with one of our professional mechanics to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our work.

Warranty - Here at Lawtell Tire & Car Care, we back all of our wheel alignment services with your choice of limited or lifetime warranties. These are comprehensive and affordable warranties that will put your mind at ease no matter what the road does to your car.

Your vehicle can handle the road better when the wheels are properly aligned, and better handling means safer handling. Regular wheel alignment is vital to the overall upkeep of your vehicle and improves the longevity of your tires and can even improve your gas mileage. The technicians at Lawtell Tire & Car Care know exactly how to get your vehicle driving straight and tight. Feel confident about your vehicles suspension and safety by trying our wheel alignment services today!